Gesture App Lock

What is gesture?

The gesture is an event recognized by the device and performed by the user. Even your signature is the one of a gesture. Gesture App Lock is there for you to lock with gestures.


You are swiping from left to right in the Android screen that is the gesture.

You are doing some actions on the screen without taking the hand then that is also the gesture.

How Gesture helps in this Gesture App Lock Apk?:

Our Gesture App Lock Apk made this feature very easy for you.

Gesture App lock is one of the unique features in this application. When you select the application and choose gesture app lock it will ask for the new gesture if it is not recorded previously.

You can draw any gesture or signature as the new gesture. You need to again redraw that to confirm the gesture. Come and choose the gesture app lock again. That’s all. When you open the application locked by you then it will ask for a gesture.

You need to draw the gesture you saved to unlock the application.

Easy Access:

If your phone is fingerprint supported one?

Then don’t worry. You can easily bypass the lock screen by simply placing your finger in your fingerprint recognizer. Gesture App Lock Apk closes the lock screen by itself and you can start using the application.

Special Option in lock screen:

Oh, what is that? It is the unique feature in this Gesture App Lock Apk where you can stop the lock screen for 5 minutes.

Ok, what is the use of stopping the uniqapplocker(Name of this Gesture App Lock Apk).

Consider this example,

You are using any chatting or location tracking application like uniqtracker and browsing application like chrome. You locked the uniqtracker. When you come back to chat or to location tracker of uniqtracker from chrome everytime you need to unlock the uniqtracker to use.

It will irritate us. Right?

That’s why Gesture App Lock Apk helps you to stop displaying the lock screen for 5 minutes.

What are the permissions needed?

  1. Apps with usage access
  2. Accessibility
  3. Administrator(Optional)

Apps With Access:

Gesture App Lock must need apps with usage access. Because app will track the foreground app you are opening and then it will lock the app if you locked. So to track which app comes to foreground you must need to switch on apps with usage access.


In Android, notifications will appear on top when you are using other apps. If you do not switch on accessibility then uniqapplocker thinks that notification is the foreground app and lock the app you are using.

So you need to turn on accessibility. That will help Gesture App Lock to find the foreground app easily according to your need.


It is optional permission to prevent uninstall by other users. When you activate this option user except you cant uninstall the Gesture App Lock.

Note: If you activate this then you need to deactivate this before uninstalling.


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