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Welcome to App Faker in UniqAppLocker

why App Faker?

Who will use your mobile phone other than you?

Your friends and close friends or relatives or family members.

No problem with your friends and relatives. They will ask you the password and you can simply say them no.

But think about your close friends and family.

If you say no then it will guilty for both of you.

That is why App Faker is there.

They will think the app is crashed and leave that app.

How it fake?

There is the option in app crasher which helps you to crash the app. When the app crashes other user thinks that it will not work and leave the application. So you can protect the application.

How can I open?

There is the option for you.

What is that?

Check the tick in below the app crasher option named “Long click to open”. So when you tick that option you can easily open the application.

Long click the “ok” button then the application will open and it will ask for a pattern. You can use the application after putting the pattern on the lock screen.

Long click timing is the default timing recognized by you.

How to disable?

You can easily disable the crashing.

When you open App Lock Apk it will show the restricted apps on top. All the apps crashed and locked are listed here.

Click the app you need to stop crashing and convert that into the lock or cancel it by choosing the relevant option.

Playstore Link:

App Faker

What are the permissions needed?

  1. Apps with usage access
  2. Accessibility
  3. Administrator(Optional)

Apps With Access:

App Faker must need apps with usage access. Because app will track the foreground app you are opening and then it will lock the app if you locked. So to track which app comes to foreground you must need to switch on apps with usage access.


In Android, notifications will appear on top when you are using other apps. If you do not switch on accessibility then uniqapplocker thinks that notification is the foreground app and lock the app you are using.

So you need to turn on accessibility. That will help App Faker to find the foreground app easily according to your need.


It is optional permission to prevent uninstall by other users. When you activate this option user except you cant uninstall the App Faker.

Note: If you activate this then you need to deactivate this before uninstalling.




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